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April brings showers, baseball, Passover, and Easter.

This April 11 saw our 5th annual Phil Ochs Celebration of Life concert at Egan’s Ballard Jam House in Seattle.  For the second consecutive year the recipient of the funds raised by the event was Familias Unidas Por La Justicia (FUJ), Washington’s sole farmworkers union.

Ochs-Jara Poster Final

This year the show was different. We called it “An Evening With Phil Ochs and Victor Jara.”  Victor Jara was the Chilean folksinger/poet/actor who was known as “Chile’s Pete Seeger.”  Phil met Victor during a visit to Chile and was devastated when Victor was  murdered by the same bloody hands that had killed Chile’s democratically-elected president, Salvador Allende, in the Kissinger/CIA coup that installed Pinochet’s military dictatorship.  Victor’s death was considered one of the emotional blows that exacerbated Phil’s mental tailspin and subsequent suicide.



My co-conspirator in the event was Patricia Mazuela, a Chilean-American, of the remarkable Latino trio, Sin Fronter20150411_213612as.   We had been talking about such a program for two years, having met while performing on the same bill.  I had talked of Phil as an inspiration of mine, and she talked of the group’s affinity for Victor.  Since that time, we performed together at various fundraisers and rallies.  I even interviewed them on “We Do The Work”, the Skagit Valley Community radio show of which I am a revolving host.  (KSVR-FM 91.7,

So, with the annual Phil show scheduled, we finally got it together.  It was quite the process, like planning20150411_215838 a Jewish-Catholic wedding.  On Phil’s side I selected Casey Graham, one of the  most knowledgeable Phil-osophers around and a talented performer in his own right who, if you close your eyes, seems to be channeling…not imitating…Phil.  I also asked one of my favorite Chicana poets, Angelica Guillen, to present the Spanish lyrics to two of the songs Casey sang, “Hands” and Changes.”



Lorna Dee Cervantes,  one of the nation’s most acclaimed Chicana poet and writer, newly-arrived in Washington and old friend, actress/filmmaker/professional20150411_231438 clown Maristela Diaz Sanchez, presented Victor’s lyrics and poetry.

Patricia and one of her Sin Fronteras partners, Abel Rocha, provided the music of Victor Jara with their impeccable musicianship and harmonies.  Victor would’ve been pleased.


I performed my “Annotated Love Me I’m a Liberal” and updated “Draft Dodger Rag” in the first half and my original homage to Phil, “Farewell, Troubadour” after intermission. (See “Videos” on this website.

20150411_220231Representing FUJ were President Ramon Torees and Vice President Felimon Pineda, who updated us, through an interpreter, the history of abuse, wage theft, and in20150411_220231timidation heaped upon the workers by Sakuma Berry Farms in Skagit County.  They shared their hopes for their children, and desire to earn a living wage.  They were remarkably effective  as they spoke of the Boycott against Sak20150411_220231uma products and customers.

We generated almost $400 and spread the word for the boycott.

I think Phil and Victor would have approved.




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As I Was Saying…Again…   Leave a comment

It’s been a few months since I last updated these pages.

Mea Culpa.

Those who depend upon this site for news and mishagos about me should first check my FB page, which I regularly update.

It’s been an interesting year so far.  Have played at a number of labor and other events.  Played at a rally for the striking steelworkers in Anacortes and a few days later the strike was settled.  Other events included helping to kick-off the Washington Fair Trade Coalition’s two-state bus information tour at a rally in Mt. Vernon outside Rep. Rick Larsen’s local office, former Rep. David Bonior’s TPP event and panel discussion at Town Hall, and a few other things.

Steelworkers rally TPP Bus

The highlight of the year so far was attending the 29th Annual Western Workers Heritage Festival in Burlingame, CA.  Giot to stay with my daughter, the labor lawyer, in her Oakland apartment and drive her Prius.

Got to meet, enjoy, and hang out with an incredible mix of musicians, poets, activists…and even a few fellow Queens College grads.  Got to do a few songs, myself, and in the California tradition of saving the best for the first, check out the highlight reel…,

Brought the KSVR station portable microphone and brought back a few show’s worth… two of which will be aired in June.  The third, an interview with the awesome (a word I don’t overuse often) Emma’s Revolution.  Some of the other folks were Union Maid Anne Feeney, Mark Levy, Rebel Voices (Janet Stecher, Susan Lewis), Avotcjia, Hali Hammer, Nina Fendel, Jimmy Collier (Martin Luther King’s warm-up musician), Luci Murphy, Peter Shapiro…and many more….

I’m looking forward to attending again next year with mixed emotions as it was announced that it will be the 30th and final festival.  Organizers are older and more tired than they were three decades ago and there is no pipeline of young blood to continue the tradition.  Check the schedule on “We Do The Work” for June ( for the actual dates of broadcast.

20150116_205139  20150117_125258            20150117_13234020150117_12325020150116_202118        20150118_19220620150116_20513920150118_134920           

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“Forever Vigilant” Is Available   Leave a comment

Front Cover

Back Cover

My third CD is finally done and ready to be inflicted on an unsuspecting public.  It is a mix of original topical, labor, and social justice songs with assorted thoughts, concepts, and mishagos.

“Forever Vigilant” is now available for purchase on CD Baby.  You can order the physical CD or digital version, including individual songs.

It is also available through this website.  To purchase a copy contact me at and we’ll get ‘er did!

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Belated Postings!   Leave a comment

So much has happened since my last contribution to this site.

We finally got Jayden3ensconced in our new ol’ cedar home on Camano Island…after a brief stint in AuburIHOP1n…two major moves!

We have completed the major remodeling and are finally down to the regular remodeling.  This was all precipitated on the impending arrival of our first grandson.

He arrived on St. Paddy’s Day, under a full moon.  Daughter Carrie and S.O. Daniel became the proud parents of Jaden Michael Brian Laurie, 9 lbs/4 oz.  Yep, a big baby!

Carrie invited me to witness the birth…which I did from a modest perch on the side.  It was magnificent…his first breath…his cry…his neophyte mother nursing him…tears from the grandparents…watching their baby have a baby.




JaGK-J-2yden has rocked our world!  Becoming a grandfather, I must say, is better than I could have imagined.  I have seen the future and it is him!  And, for the first time in a quarter of a century, there are three generations of my family alive at the same time.  A sobering thought.

I am glad they are living with us…I get to see and experiences the day-to-day changes I haven’t witnessed since his mother was born.

I have assumed the role of manny…I feed…play with…console…and tend to the little prince as needed.  I have even learned to change a boy’s diaper…a skill requiring exceptional reflexes…though he did send a line drive my way I misplayed into wet jeans.

I bore the shit out of everyone I can with pictures…on Facebook and in person.  The cell phone is the greatest invention for doting grandparent photo display since the expanding wallet compartments.


I know he is intelligent.  How do I know?  He was only a few weeks old when…as I attempted to feed him he…well check out his middle finger! IHOP-flipping


That’s my boy!














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On The Raddios   Leave a comment

Joe Teehan, host of Bellingham, WA’s progressive “The Joe Show”, graciously invited me to play some songs and talk about “We Do The Work.”  We were joined via telephone by Rich Austin, co-founder/host of “We Do The Work.”

Thanks again, Joe!

The Joe Show for 2/12/14

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On the Raddio!   Leave a comment

“We Do The Work!” is a weekly labor-oriented radio show originating on KSVR-91.7 FM, Skagit Valley Community Radio, Mt. Vernon, WA.*^  The show was founded by Rich Austin, Ken Winkes, and Janet McKinney.  Austin and Winkes alternate as hosts and commentators while McKinney serves as technical director and guru.

Ken Winkes

Ken Winkes

Guests have included labor leaders/organizers,educators, socialjustice advocates, elected officials, and a plethora of others.  Rich and Ken have commented on numerous issues relevant to working people locally, nationally, and globally.  They are always well-informed, factual, and passionate about their subjects.

The show now airs Tuesdays at 4:30 on KSVR inSkagit County and is covered in other stations in Washington, Michigan, and Massachusetts.  It is also streamed live online ( and in archives

Rich Austin

Rich Austin

I have appeared twice on the show, once solo and once with one of my political and music co-conspirator, Mike Dumovich.

Well, Ken and Rich are taking sabbaticals to attend to union matters and other flights of fancy.  They have asked Mike and me to fill in during their absences.  We should be in the host chairs some time in March. Fortunately, Janet  will remain to provide adult supervision.

Meanwhile, we have begun recording interviews and other features that include poetry, music, and other performance art.  By the time we are actually live, we’ll have so much pre-recorded stuff in the pipeline, neither of us will actually have to show up.

For more information and background:


* Mt. Vernon is the ancestral home of media vermin Glenn Beck, which makes doing the show so much sweeter.
^ Mt. Vernon is occasionally referred to, on the show, as Glennbeckistan, which is purely coincidental.

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Where Was I?…Oh Yeah!   Leave a comment

It’s been awhile since my last posting.  Lots of life-changing events.

2013 has gone to wherever old years go…it was an emotional one.

We moved twice…finally settling on Camano Island, about an hour northwest of Seattle, overlooking Port Susan Bay and the Cascade Mountains.  We lost two pets, my dog, Kelly, and our favorite cat, Milo.  Gordo, Milo’s formerly introverted brother, and our sole remaining cat, has come out of his shell and grown into the role of family cat.  We are proud of him.

Biggest news is our daughter,Carrie, expecting our first grandchild this March.  She and sweetie, Daniel,  made the move with us to  Camano and I have already been primed for “mannyhood.”

Amid all the mishagos I have made some headway on my long-awaited by me) third cd.  I have had the fortune to tap the talents of my friend, Greg Deer, to work on the musical arrangements…such as they are… and Greg will be playing the main guitar parts.  He has also been coaching me on singing and has had the audacity to insist I not chew gum at the same time.  Hmmm.

Also, am slowly getting back to public performing.  Somehow, through miscommunication, I missed a scheduled gig at SoulFood Books in Redmond a week ago…not a great start to a New Year.  One date I will be sure to keep is this Saturday night at The Black Dog in Snoqualmie where my special guests will be the fantastic duo of Mike Antone and Camelia Jade.  Greg, hopefully, will be joining me because we need the practice prior to hitting the studio.

My political  and music hero, Mike Dumovich and I have been asked to serve as fill-in hosts on  the KSVR-FM (Skagit Valley) “We Do the Work” weekly radio show.  Founders and hosts Rich Austin and Ken Winkes, will be off for a month or so attending to union and other business.  We tape the first show this Friday…our first interview:  Rich Austin, Ken Winkes, and co-founder/engineer, Janet McKinney.  The topic:  Why in hell would you entrust your precious show to the likes of Dumovich and me?  Broadcast dates will be announced.

It’s good to be back!

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