“Goodbye, Dr. Laura” is available online at cdbaby.com and reverbnation.com   Leave a comment

My recent CD, “Goodbye, Dr. Laura” is now available at cdbaby.com and reverbnation.com.   Just visit the websites and type in my name.  A digital version is also available for downloads as well as individual songs.

“Goodbye, Dr.Laura”…”I’m Gonna Marry G.E.”…”Tea Chantey”…”Drill, Baby, Drill!”…”When You Go To Arizona”…”Farewell Troubadour (Phil Ochs)”…”Your Own Brand of Blues (Fly Away Home)…”Jesus Wasn’t Home That Night”…”All Depots Are the Same”…”The Hobo Who Taught Me To Ride a Freight Train”…”Talkin’ Pay It Forward Busker Blues”…”When You Cross the Border”

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