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It’s official!

The Unite States House of Representatives has opened an official impeachment inquiry process concerning the “high crimes and misdemeanors” of the so-called President of the United States.

Though it is a given that the Senate will not convict the orange gonif, the story will be laid out for all to see.

When the Nixon hearings begin…few Americans were in favor of impeachment no less removal from office.  Nixon’s approval rating at the beginning of his second term was north of 60%.

It was only when the revelations of Watergate began to spill forth…did people start paying attention.  Support for impeachment grew with each revelation…and guilty plea of his accomplices and acolytes.

By the time of his resignation, his approval rating was in the mid-20’s.

This precipitous drop will not be replicated by the current White House resident.  First, his approval rating has consistently hovered beneath 50%.  Secondly, with 40% of Americans receiving its sole news from FAUX-News and its soulless clones…there will not be much of a bottoming out by the Republicans who clearly saw Nixon’s crimes and acted accordingly.  The majority of change has come…and will continue to come from…Independents.

With that said, it is time for us to be heard.

This weekend, I am hosting “Impeachment Sunday” at Cafe Zippy in Everett, WA.  As a form of community open mic, folks are invited to bring an instrument, a song, a poem, or just some thoughts to share.

It’s our patriotic duty.


Join us Sunday, Nov.3, 2-4 pm to raise our voices to demand Congress perform its constitutional dutt to impeach, convict and remove the Evil Orange One from office. Bring an instrument, song, poem or some coherent thoughts to share. Sign up begins at 1:30. Cafe Zippy is an oasis of culture, music, poetry, and art in beautiful downtown Everett.

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