“I’m Gonna Marry GE” – Occupy Seattle, Music   2 comments

Posted September 13, 2012 by garykanter

2 responses to ““I’m Gonna Marry GE” – Occupy Seattle, Music

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  1. My husband, friend of Ken Winkes, cant’t hear well. We would love to see the text of your song. Is this possible? Dorothy and Lar Fritch

    Dorothy Spencer-Fritch
    • Hi, Dorothy,

      Glad to do it!



      “I’m Gonna Marry G.E.”
      By Gary Kanter © 2012 (updated)

      I read the report, the nation’s highest court
      Had finally ruled for the common good,
      Granting corporations, despite your protestations,
      Full-fledged personhood,
      Some met this decision, with scorn and derision,
      But I’m happy as can be…
      The Court said it’s ok, so my plans are underway,
      I’m gonna marry GE!

      Before I was sure, I dated some more,
      Just to see to whom to give my heart,
      Nordstrom was a snob, Kmart was a slob,
      And Barnes & Noble was too smart,
      Planter was a nut, Fabergé was a slut,
      I was stuck with the check by AIG
      Wal-Mart was cheap, Halliburton was a creep,
      I’m gonna marry GE

      Thank you Scalia, for my cara mia,
      We’re hoping to see ya, real soon,
      We hope that you’re heading,
      Up here for the wedding,
      But not for the honeymoon.
      We’ll be happy, me and my GE,
      Who could ask for more?
      We’ll live the corporate life,
      As husband & wife,
      And make all our love offshore

      Pfizer was on drugs, Microsoft had bugs,
      Eli-Lily was on grass
      Kraft wore all those brands, All-State had bad hands,
      And Exxon-Mobil gave me gas,
      Blue Cross made me sick, I had a close shave with Bic
      Comcast ran off with NBC,
      Chrysler was broke, and Pepsi was on Coke,
      I’m gonna marry GE (Chorus)

      Estée Lauder was too bold, Sears was way too old,
      The Pillsbury Doughboy was too round,
      Michelin was tired, Cisco was wired,
      And Delta never got me off the ground,
      JP Morgan was too big, Koch Industries— a pig!
      My search narrowed substantially,
      Boeing wouldn’t fly, all FOX news could do was lie,
      So I’m gonna marry GE (Chorus)

      (Add to final chorus)…and we’ll raise little dividends offshore!

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