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Yes, I have been remiss in maintaining this website.

Three shoulder surgeries over the past three years has limited my activities…all around. Yes, three surgeries for two shoulders…baffles science.

I have been able to lend my voice to various political campaigns and initiatives which has helped maintain my sanity and sense of purpose.

I also was able to squeeze in, between rehabs, my latest CD, “We Marched Down This Road Before”…of which I am very proud…thanks to the technical, production, and musical talents of my usual music partner, Greg Deer and Devin Rice, Tammy Kennedy Rice, and cellist extraordinaire, Siri Bardason.
“We Marched…” is available at

So, with great anticipation, trepidation, and two new shoulders, I’m getting back in the game!

My first scheduled CD release event will be at Cafe Zippy, Everett, WA, 5:00 pm.

More to follow!

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