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So, after innumerable threats to do so…here I am updating again.

We are in our sixth week of self-isolation and I have the facial growth to prove it.

GK beard 1

We’re all coping in our own unique ways.  Unfortunately, many of the folks I’m in touch with via FB, Skype, Zoom, phone, etc., have found themselves, with all this time on their hands, unproductive….

I know the feeling.  My to-do list looks like Bob Uecker’s career batting average.

This includes housework, yardwork, and songwriting.

But my beard looks good!  (Just don’t ask my wife, daughters, and grandson!)

So, it’s time to get busy again.

I posted three song videos…two new (“Moscow Mitch”, “I Want To Go To Mar-A-Lago”); and one old, remnant from the reign of Bush the Younger, which I have repurposed (“When They Called Me Uncle Sam”).

I’ll actually be doing some virtual shows as fundraisers for worthy causes and candidates…so check out the Upcoming Shows page.

Damn the lethargy…full speed ahead!







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