On the Raddio! —Again!


The Union Edge: Labor's Talk Radio

My second appearance on Charles Showalter’s Pittsburgh-based labor show.

“Musician and Talk Show Host Gary Kanter talks about the farmworker organization Familias Unidos por La Justicia fighting for a living hourly wage at Sakuma Berries Corporation in Northwest Washington.”   (March 30, 2016)

Talked about FUJ and the Sakuma-Driscoll boycotts…though we never did get to “Ballad of Sakuma Farms.”  We did have a nice discussion of and introduced his audience to “We Do The Work.”  A nice plug.


A follow-up visit to talk about and play “Ballad of Sakuma Farms” and the story behind the recording project is scheduled for April 13, 10 am (PDT)



The Joe Show for 3-9-16
I did a live version of “Ballad of Sakuma Farms” on Joe’s show a few months earlier, so it was certainly appropriate to play the just-released studio recording.
Joe continues to be a great friend and voice for progressives and progressive causes in our little corner of the country.
The Joe Show for 3-9-16

“The struggle for fair treatment for farm workers in word and song with Gary Kanter.”




Posted April 7, 2016 by garykanter

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