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Posted December 5, 2010 by garykanter

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  1. Hello Gary,
    I just want to make sure you got paid for your performace at the Labor Temple last Thursday. I also want to make sure it wasnt Bill himself who paid you…for that woudlnt be right also. I have to admit this is one (less than small) detail that escaped me when setting this up. I really apprecaited what you added to the event….I was happy how it turned out…just wished there were alot more people there…but such is life. Thanks again Gary! Craig Sullivan

  2. Did you play for Bangladeshi Band black? Trumpet in the track OBOSH (NUMB)???

  3. Gary,
    Dan Roberts here. I tried to call the phone # that I got from the Musicland and got a medical practice in Kent. Please send me your REAL phone #.

    Thanks Bro and Cuz,


  4. Hi Gary – This is so strange. I was just setting up my Twitter account and learned that we have the same name spelled exactly the same way. It’s almost like finding my long lost twin. I’m KANTER just like you. Since there are so few of us that spell our name that way, we might be related. I wonder if people responding to us on social media are mixing us up. We’re very different. I created a Magazine on FLIPBOARD called “Who New?” by Gary Kanter and now my Twitter is Who New?@GaryKanterNYC

    Gary Steven Kanter
    • Hi, Gary,

      Yes it is strange, though there are a few of us around. There’s a doc in FL my mom would have hoped would have been me. There was a FB comprised only of Kanters who spell the name like ours. My daughter found it…and connected for awhile with her own namesake. I have another page, which is not as relevant as it was a year ago, ot Related To Eric Kanter”,:// Send me an email with a bit of family history and see if we can claim the same inheritances( Cheers…GMK

  5. hey

  6. are you the son of barney and teddy kanter?

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