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“We Marched Down This Road Before” is my latest CD.

It is a reminder that social and economic justice is a long journey. The rights we enjoy were earned at various times along the way…with the blood, sweat, and tears of those who fought for those rights…and those who fought to keep them.

The title song, “We Marched Down This Road Before”, describes that journey…from the early days of the labor movements and women’s suffrage through the civil rights struggles, the farmworkers boycotts, and Vietnam…and finally to the traitor currently occupying the White House and the complicit congress that has enabled him.

Some of these songs have been floating around as part of my repertoire for quite some time. “Keep Your Hands Off Of My Junk!” dates back to the early days of TSA and a recording I heard of one irate passenger screaming “Touch my junk and I’ll have you arrested!” That one practically wrote itself.

As far as the faux Chief of State, he is represented with an inspirational tune called “Grab Life By The Pussy!” He has earned the honor.

“The Ballad of Mark Janus,” regards the Illinois state employee who launched a well- funded right wing lawsuit in which SCOTUS ruled public sector employees were no longer required to pay administrative fees to the unions that represented them…but were still eligible for all the benefits the union negotiated. Within a couple of weeks of the decision, he quit the job he so “loved” to go to work for the very organization that backed his suit.

In a related story, “Eff The Freedom Foundation!” is a push back against the Koch Brothers-funded front groups that are constantly attempting to destroy unions with mass mailings to members with false information about organized labor and, of course, encouraging them to quit.

Other songs look at the effects of social and economic disparity, military PTSD, activism, and climate change.

I was even moved to write a song about Abraham Lincoln…from the vantage point of a union soldier who has been through the entire war…and blames Lincoln for the suffering…until he learns some truths….

Yadda… yadda…yadda!

For a more in-depth look…and how to obtain a copy…follow the link:


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