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Covid-19 Reflections   Leave a comment

So, after innumerable threats to do so…here I am updating again.

We are in our sixth week of self-isolation and I have the facial growth to prove it.

GK beard 1

We’re all coping in our own unique ways.  Unfortunately, many of the folks I’m in touch with via FB, Skype, Zoom, phone, etc., have found themselves, with all this time on their hands, unproductive….

I know the feeling.  My to-do list looks like Bob Uecker’s career batting average.

This includes housework, yardwork, and songwriting.

But my beard looks good!  (Just don’t ask my wife, daughters, and grandson!)

So, it’s time to get busy again.

I posted three song videos…two new (“Moscow Mitch”, “I Want To Go To Mar-A-Lago”); and one old, remnant from the reign of Bush the Younger, which I have repurposed (“When They Called Me Uncle Sam”).

I’ll actually be doing some virtual shows as fundraisers for worthy causes and candidates…so check out the Upcoming Shows page.

Damn the lethargy…full speed ahead!







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“Impeachment Sunday!”   Leave a comment

It’s official!

The Unite States House of Representatives has opened an official impeachment inquiry process concerning the “high crimes and misdemeanors” of the so-called President of the United States.

Though it is a given that the Senate will not convict the orange gonif, the story will be laid out for all to see.

When the Nixon hearings begin…few Americans were in favor of impeachment no less removal from office.  Nixon’s approval rating at the beginning of his second term was north of 60%.

It was only when the revelations of Watergate began to spill forth…did people start paying attention.  Support for impeachment grew with each revelation…and guilty plea of his accomplices and acolytes.

By the time of his resignation, his approval rating was in the mid-20’s.

This precipitous drop will not be replicated by the current White House resident.  First, his approval rating has consistently hovered beneath 50%.  Secondly, with 40% of Americans receiving its sole news from FAUX-News and its soulless clones…there will not be much of a bottoming out by the Republicans who clearly saw Nixon’s crimes and acted accordingly.  The majority of change has come…and will continue to come from…Independents.

With that said, it is time for us to be heard.

This weekend, I am hosting “Impeachment Sunday” at Cafe Zippy in Everett, WA.  As a form of community open mic, folks are invited to bring an instrument, a song, a poem, or just some thoughts to share.

It’s our patriotic duty.

Join us Sunday, Nov.3, 2-4 pm to raise our voices to demand Congress perform its constitutional dutt to impeach, convict and remove the Evil Orange One from office. Bring an instrument, song, poem or some coherent thoughts to share. Sign up begins at 1:30. Cafe Zippy is an oasis of culture, music, poetry, and art in beautiful downtown Everett.

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“On The Raddio Again…March, 2019”   Leave a comment

So, my good friend, music hero, and fellow co-host of “We Do The Work”, Mike Dumovich, chose to interview me on my new CD, “We Marched Down This Road Before”, on “We Do The Work!”  (KSVR- FM 91.7, streamed at as part of his regular educational segment, “Learn Yourself.”

A great compliment and the best twenty bucks I ever spent.









Yes, we have faces made for radio!

Enjoy the show!

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Back In The Game!   Leave a comment

Yes, I have been remiss in maintaining this website.

Three shoulder surgeries over the past three years has limited my activities…all around. Yes, three surgeries for two shoulders…baffles science.

I have been able to lend my voice to various political campaigns and initiatives which has helped maintain my sanity and sense of purpose.

I also was able to squeeze in, between rehabs, my latest CD, “We Marched Down This Road Before”…of which I am very proud…thanks to the technical, production, and musical talents of my usual music partner, Greg Deer and Devin Rice, Tammy Kennedy Rice, and cellist extraordinaire, Siri Bardason.
“We Marched…” is available at

So, with great anticipation, trepidation, and two new shoulders, I’m getting back in the game!

My first scheduled CD release event will be at Cafe Zippy, Everett, WA, 5:00 pm.

More to follow!

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“We Marched Down This Road Before” is Now Available!   Leave a comment

“We Marched Down This Road Before” is my latest CD.

It is a reminder that social and economic justice is a long journey. The rights we enjoy were earned at various times along the way…with the blood, sweat, and tears of those who fought for those rights…and those who fought to keep them.

The title song, “We Marched Down This Road Before”, describes that journey…from the early days of the labor movements and women’s suffrage through the civil rights struggles, the farmworkers boycotts, and Vietnam…and finally to the traitor currently occupying the White House and the complicit congress that has enabled him.

Some of these songs have been floating around as part of my repertoire for quite some time. “Keep Your Hands Off Of My Junk!” dates back to the early days of TSA and a recording I heard of one irate passenger screaming “Touch my junk and I’ll have you arrested!” That one practically wrote itself.

As far as the faux Chief of State, he is represented with an inspirational tune called “Grab Life By The Pussy!” He has earned the honor.

“The Ballad of Mark Janus,” regards the Illinois state employee who launched a well- funded right wing lawsuit in which SCOTUS ruled public sector employees were no longer required to pay administrative fees to the unions that represented them…but were still eligible for all the benefits the union negotiated. Within a couple of weeks of the decision, he quit the job he so “loved” to go to work for the very organization that backed his suit.

In a related story, “Eff The Freedom Foundation!” is a push back against the Koch Brothers-funded front groups that are constantly attempting to destroy unions with mass mailings to members with false information about organized labor and, of course, encouraging them to quit.

Other songs look at the effects of social and economic disparity, military PTSD, activism, and climate change.

I was even moved to write a song about Abraham Lincoln…from the vantage point of a union soldier who has been through the entire war…and blames Lincoln for the suffering…until he learns some truths….

Yadda… yadda…yadda!

For a more in-depth look…and how to obtain a copy…follow the link:

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“As I Was Saying…2018”   Leave a comment

Yes, it has been awhile since last I graced these pages.

Perhaps it was the two shoulder surgeries that kept me musically sidelined for the better part of a year.

Perhaps it was the emotional belly drop of ongoing T-Rump regime…and the decades of damage that will be difficult to undo…if possible.

Perhaps it was life in general…and the hours spent with my now four-year-old grandson….

But it’s time to get back to this record of my misadventures.

The past year or so hasn’t been bereft of activity…it has merely gone undocumented here.  Like most folks my age, and perhaps most folks in general, I have sought immediate gratification in the form of Facebook.  Immediate posts followed by immediate comments, replies, likes, emojis, or silence.

So, it’s time to catch up.

As my reconstructed shoulders have allowed, I have produced/performed at a variety of political/labor events throughout Western Washington.  In addition, I have fairly regularly performed my duty as a regular host on “We Do The Work”…currently airing at 5:00 pm  (Pacific) Tues. and rebroadcast 7:00 pm on Sundays.  (streamed live at

My radio and music buddy, Mike Dumovich, and I created a regular feature on the show called “Songs of Progress”, highlighting the music of  those who contributed to the advancement of social and economic justice.   Our first three shows featured the works of Woody Guthrie, Utah Phillips, and Joe Hill.  Planned upcoming shows will feature Hazel Dickens, Ani DeFranco, and a rebroadcast of my earlier interview with Anne Feeney.

SCOTUS delivered another severe blow to working families with the Janus Decision…which enables freeloaders to enjoy the benefits of union representation without having to pay an administrative fee for their share of the cost.

Mark Janus, an Illinois state employee was the plaintiff, funded by various Koch-related anti-worker groups.  After a brief interval, Janus quit the “job I love” for a sinecure with a large right-wing think tank.  Now he can focus on sticking it to his former co-workers full-time. The Greek god, Janus, was always represented by two faces…coincidence?  I think not.

So, onward into the future.

Hopefully, there is still time to save the country from encroaching fascism…and the planet/humanity from environmental malfeasance.

Stand up!

Be counted!


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As I Was Saying #Ad Infinitum!   Leave a comment

For anyone who has visited this site over the past several months, for whatever god forsaken reason, you might have noticed it hasn’t been updated in like…forever!

Mea Culpa.

For those worried, I am alive and living on Facebook.  It’s an easier update…and I get to post almost daily pics of my grandson.

So, by way of update:

Familias Unidas Por La Justicia, our states indigenous farmworkers union, after a four-year ordeal, was officially elected to represent the workers and collectively bargain with Sakuma Farms.

Like most of you, I was immersed in the 2016 elections, actively working on behalf of local candidates, in a red legislative district that, unfortunately, chose to remain the blood color despite some excellent candidates running against the existing mediocrities and ALEC playthings.

I performed and campaigned for Bernie at a number of events and was a Bernie delegate at the combined county-LD cacus.  When Hillary was nominated, I joined the cause…fighting against the disaster that was somehow predestined…by whoever and whatever means…to occur.

Crushed by the elevation of the Evil Orange One…I even contemplated relocating to a warm and distant climate…until I realized my grandson’s future needed to be fought for and running wasn’t the answer.

Not exactly idle, I played at various events including the Washington Fair Trade Coalition Annual Breakfast and Fundraiser…where I believe I ate most of the profits.


There were a couple of events through the Whatcom Peace and Justice Center…including a songwriting workshop with Northwest social justice icon, Linda Allen.


Linda and I linked up again as the music performers for the Whatcom-Skagit IWWfarmworkers-march-2‘s 100th anniversary commemoration of the Everett Massacre. Around 100 people from WA, OR, CA, UT, and other locales braved a torrential rainfall to convene at the site of the massacre, near where the actual dock had been located, lay wreathes, and complete the seven-block walk the wobs never got to make to “soapbox.”


I played at a benefit to raise money for the “Whatcom Three”…a trio of brave young folk who were arrested for blocking The Evil Orange One’s caravan back in May enroute to Linden, WA, former stronghold of the KKK and, unfortunately, is still infected with the same toxic values


I also managed, with the help of my music buddy, Greg Deer,to gk-gd-green-acresshare some music with the older kids at the preschool where my daughter works and grandson attends.  JJ received special dispensation to attend the event and did…for about 10 minutes after which he decided that playing outside with his buds had a greater upside.



mark-lowryAnd, along with out two new hosts, Mark Lowry (President of the Northwest Central Labor Council) and Lori Provincelori-province (former Field Mobilization Director, Washington State Labor Council) we’ve been mapping out the road “We Do The Work” will travel in response to the election of…shit…I can’t write it again.



So, what’s coming up?

There are two events in January I’m particularly excited about:

Sunday, January 15, Shoreline Library.  Under the auspices of Songwriters in Seattle, I will be teaching a workshop in wrjim-pageiting music for social change with Seattle Bard, Jim Page.

Thursday, January, 19, Couth Buzzard, Jim and I will be together again on Pre-Disinauguration Day for a unity event along with poets, writers, and activists of every stripe to come together and officially begin the resistance.

Stay tuned.

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The Honeymooners Redux!   Leave a comment



Starring Poppa as “Ralph Kramden” and Jayden as “Ed Norton.”




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March Against Monsanto 2016   Leave a comment

So glad to have been invited back to play at the “March Against Monsanto” for the third consecutive year.  As usual, the event will be anchored at Westlake Mall, Sat., May 21, noon, Westlake Park in Seattle.

A glimpse of 2015


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BreakFreePNW   Leave a comment

Excited to have been invited to perform at the 2016 BreakFreePNW opening ceremonies, “People’s Climate Conference”, May 13 at the Anacortes Transit Shed.  I will be on at 9:30 pm,  following Dana Lyons, something nobody really should do.

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