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Brain Trust:  Mark Lowry, pres., NWCLC, Michele Stelovich, Sec'y-Treas.

Brain Trust: Mark Lowry, pres., NWCLC, Michele Stelovich, Sec’y-Treas.

For the third year in a row, Greg Deer, Mike Dumovich, and Greg Deer celebrated our new tradition by performing at the Northwest Central Labor Council’s annual Labor Day picnic.  Coincidentally, it was the 3rd annual such event…so we were proud to have become part of the tradition.


Mark Lowry, president of NWCLC is one of my personal heroes and mentor in the fight for workers’ rights.  It was Mark, who originally extended the invitation to perform two years ago, when I was just learning the state of the labor movement and the overwhelming obstacles facing it.  After that phone conversation…I was all in.  So were the boys…Mike, Greg, and JW.


NWCLC Picnic-13-Angelica

Angelic Guillen, Chicana poet y mi hermana

U.S. Reps.  Del Benes and Larsen shared thoughts and spoke about working issues and, of course, the deepening crisis of Syria.


This year was particularly sweet as there was representation and presentations by the Sakuma Bros. farm workers along with their  friends and supporters from Community to Community Development.

 Ramon, democratically elected president of farmworkers' negotiating council (left) along with C2C's Rosalinda and Edgar,

Ramon, democratically elected president of farmworkers’ negotiating council (left) along with C2C’s Rosalinda and Edgar,

Several were from the worker-elected negotiating committee who shared information on working conditions, wages, the status of negotiations, and localized boycotts.  Their fellow guests at the picnic, representing most union locals dug into their pockets and contributed generously to the fund.

Once again, I was proud to be a union man in solidarity with my brothers and my sisters.


Viva La Picnic!

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