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“We Do The Work!” is a weekly labor-oriented radio show originating on KSVR-91.7 FM, Skagit Valley Community Radio, Mt. Vernon, WA.*^  The show was founded by Rich Austin, Ken Winkes, and Janet McKinney.  Austin and Winkes alternate as hosts and commentators while McKinney serves as technical director and guru.

Ken Winkes

Ken Winkes

Guests have included labor leaders/organizers,educators, socialjustice advocates, elected officials, and a plethora of others.  Rich and Ken have commented on numerous issues relevant to working people locally, nationally, and globally.  They are always well-informed, factual, and passionate about their subjects.

The show now airs Tuesdays at 4:30 on KSVR inSkagit County and is covered in other stations in Washington, Michigan, and Massachusetts.  It is also streamed live online (www.ksvr.org) and in archives http://www.skagitdemocrats.org/?page_id=246

Rich Austin

Rich Austin

I have appeared twice on the show, once solo and once with one of my political and music co-conspirator, Mike Dumovich.

Well, Ken and Rich are taking sabbaticals to attend to union matters and other flights of fancy.  They have asked Mike and me to fill in during their absences.  We should be in the host chairs some time in March. Fortunately, Janet  will remain to provide adult supervision.

Meanwhile, we have begun recording interviews and other features that include poetry, music, and other performance art.  By the time we are actually live, we’ll have so much pre-recorded stuff in the pipeline, neither of us will actually have to show up.

For more information and background:


* Mt. Vernon is the ancestral home of media vermin Glenn Beck, which makes doing the show so much sweeter.
^ Mt. Vernon is occasionally referred to, on the show, as Glennbeckistan, which is purely coincidental.

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