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It’s been a few months since I last updated these pages.

Mea Culpa.

Those who depend upon this site for news and mishagos about me should first check my FB page, which I regularly update.

It’s been an interesting year so far.  Have played at a number of labor and other events.  Played at a rally for the striking steelworkers in Anacortes and a few days later the strike was settled.  Other events included helping to kick-off the Washington Fair Trade Coalition’s two-state bus information tour at a rally in Mt. Vernon outside Rep. Rick Larsen’s local office, former Rep. David Bonior’s TPP event and panel discussion at Town Hall, and a few other things.

Steelworkers rally TPP Bus

The highlight of the year so far was attending the 29th Annual Western Workers Heritage Festival in Burlingame, CA.  Giot to stay with my daughter, the labor lawyer, in her Oakland apartment and drive her Prius.

Got to meet, enjoy, and hang out with an incredible mix of musicians, poets, activists…and even a few fellow Queens College grads.  Got to do a few songs, myself, and in the California tradition of saving the best for the first, check out the highlight reel…,

Brought the KSVR station portable microphone and brought back a few show’s worth… two of which will be aired in June.  The third, an interview with the awesome (a word I don’t overuse often) Emma’s Revolution.  Some of the other folks were Union Maid Anne Feeney, Mark Levy, Rebel Voices (Janet Stecher, Susan Lewis), Avotcjia, Hali Hammer, Nina Fendel, Jimmy Collier (Martin Luther King’s warm-up musician), Luci Murphy, Peter Shapiro…and many more….

I’m looking forward to attending again next year with mixed emotions as it was announced that it will be the 30th and final festival.  Organizers are older and more tired than they were three decades ago and there is no pipeline of young blood to continue the tradition.  Check the schedule on “We Do The Work” for June ( for the actual dates of broadcast.

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