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I spent Labor Day in Burlington, WA.  Mark Lowry, president of the Northwest Central Labor Council (Whatcom, Skagit, San Juan Counties) had invited me to put together a show for the group’s Labor Day Picnic.

The group included my buddies from the great north:  JW McClure (Stanwood), Greg Deer (Lake Stevens), and the legendary  Mike Dumovich (Arlington).  While we had all played at events together…we had never played together.  I sent some song lyrics and YouTube links on the traditional labor songs and Greg learned the bass parts of my songs from my CD.

Whatever we did, the audience was so enthusiastic and appreciative, it must have worked.  perhaps it was our guests my favorite singing state Rep. Luis Moscoso…or accordianist-vocalist, Doris Brevoort.  Doris, by the way, is running for city council in the neighboring municipality of Mt. Vernon…hometown of Glenn Beck.  Go, Doris!

Upshot:  No better way to spend Labor Day than with a group of people such as the ones who turned out for the picnic…the ones who work and produce…and make things….and run things…and keep things running.  My union wife (AFSCME) and daughter, who is planning a career as a labor lawyer were on hand to participate.

It was a perfect day in the Northwestern corner of the country.  Sunshine…warm temperatures (80?)…with the occasional freight train rolling by to add flavor.

“Exhausted, but very pleased. The labor council’s labor day picnic was a success. Between 120 and 150 people came and enjoyed spending time with each other.                            Special thanks to Dale Thompson for awesome bbq, and to Gary Kanter and his musical friends for the perfect blend of labor and folk music. I could not be more pleased.”   Mark Lowry



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  1. I am proud of our Seattle Folk Community, who with your help, have done with song what thousands of speeches can’t. Thank you for your commitment.

  2. Thanks, Sally…and through Dan’s wise counsel, I am a proud member of Local 76-493 of the AFM!

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